The 2012 Winners

This year’s awards topic was “Female Fantasies”. The great variety of the submitted films is a reflection of the wonderful diversity of women's fantasies: from watching gay men having sex to hiring a male escort; wanting to be dominated or longing to be adored and utterly pampered – female fantasies are a colourful and multi-facetted kaleidoscope.

Each submitted film is completely unique in style and content. All of the winning films are creative, inspirational and hot in their own way. Thanks to everyone who submitted and congratulations to all the talented winners!

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Morgana Morgana

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First Prize

"Duty Bound" – Morgana

What the jury said about Morgana's film:

“This is a gutsy film about a woman leaving a love- and sexless marriage behind to making her sexual fantasies a reality. The autobiographic film by first-time filmmaker Morgana is inspirational and empowering. It moved us and we love it!”

What Morgana says about winning this award:

“When I first read about Petra, I had this immediate sense, that she is a kindred spirit, urging me to unshackle my past and giving me permission to release this voice within me, that has been just below the surface my entire life, screaming to be heard. And so my first ever film “Duty Bound” was conceived. With “Duty Bound” I hope to provide the voice and inspiration for women to claim ownership of their sexuality and remove the expiration date that society and much of the porn available, wishes to impose on it.”

Gala Vanting and Aven Frey Gala Vanting and Aven Frey Gala Vanting and Aven Frey

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Second Prize

"Taken" – Aven Frey & Gala Vanting

What the jury said about Gala and Aven's film:

“An exciting experimental film expressing the fantasy of a submissive female. This fantasy is often taboo for many women. The film shows that these fantasies do exist and that within the context of consent can be enjoyed. The beautiful cinematography and exciting editing make this a unique film.”

What Gala and Aven say about their film:

“It is politically important that we create a visual language that is our own and express the diverse female desires on film. And all of these female desires are good and valid which is what the Petra Joy Award is all about. We want our work to create some dialogue around the complexities of consent. We also just want the people we work with to be able to speak for themselves, and that's what Viva has done here. For us, winning this prize is a really exciting step on what we hope will be a long journey of creating sex-positive images for diverse audiences. We are honoured and excited to be among such good company!”

Exotica Loom Art Collective Exotica Loom Art Collective

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Third Prize

"Corpuscle", Exotica Loom Art Collective

What the jury said about Exotica Loom’s film:

“An interesting experimental film enabling glimpses of gay male sexuality. Many women would love to be a ‘fly on the wall’ in the dark room of a gay club. This film teases our desire to be a voyeur in that context...”

What Exotica Loom say about their film:

“Our film is a dream-like, abstract representation of the the intimacy of sex. It is the first film we've created as Exotica Loom and we shot it especially for the awards. I think it's amazing that Petra is creating and funding this prize and we are honored to be one of this year’s winners.”

Sara Koppel Sara Koppel

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Special Jury Award

"Naked Love" – Sara Koppel

What the jury said about Sara’s film:

“This wonderful animation is celebrating sensuality and focusing on a woman receiving pleasure. We loved to see the gorgeous man give head to a natural looking woman who seems at home in her own skin! The images are beautiful and drew us into the sensual magic of the couple enjoying ‘naked love’.”

What Sara says about her film:

“The process of creating “Naked Love” was very time consuming. I drew 4500 images by hand to get the organic skin texture I wanted on paper and film. My film is self-financed, so the recognition the Petra Joy Award is giving me really means a lot. I feel inspired to keep doing erotic animation films...YES!”

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