The 2009 Winners

Louise Lush Louise Lush Louise Lush

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First Prize

"That's What I Like" - Louise Lush

“When women make erotic films they add a much needed splash of variety to the existing bland landscape of mainstream porn. The only way we can change the negative aspects of pornography is to make better alternatives. Porn for women is about validating the sexual experiences of women”.

What the jury said about Louise's film:

“Beautifully lit and shot. An inspiration for women to say what turns them in bed!”

Lola Clavo Lola Clavo Lola Clavo

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Second Prize

"La Lucha" - Lola Clavo

“Lots of people learn about sex by watching porn so is important to know what females have to say in that subject!”

What the jury said about Lola's film:

“Courageous editing and exciting sound-scape.”

Linsey Satterthwaite Linsey Satterthwaite Linsey Satterthwaite

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Third Prize

"I Like It When..." - Linsey Satterthwaite

“The idea to show what woman find erotic is important because there seems to be almost a taboo in expressing what women like, when we should not be embarrassed to talk about what we find sexy. From making the film I now appreciate my own body a little more and that for me is very erotic.”

What the jury said about Linsey's film:

“Beautiful images that are subtly erotic and inspiring!”

Cora Emens Cora Emens Cora Emens

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Special Jury Award

"Cora’s Memoires – The Rose" - Cora Emens

“There is a great shortage of porn for women. It is about time that women show what they like and inspire each other and men.”

What the jury said about Cora's film:

“Gutsy and charming film that celebrates ‘older’ women’s sexuality!”

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