The Jury

Candida Royalle

Candida Royalle, New York

Candida is well known for her internationally acclaimed line of erotic films shot from a woman’s perspective. She created “Femme Productions” in 1984 to produce adult films that spoke from a woman’s voice. A true pioneer, she was one of the first female porn directors to focus on female pleasure and safe sex in porn films. Candida and Petra have been co-operationg on a number of projects such as the "Her Porn series" and Petra is honoured for Candida to join the jury.

Nicole Ruediger

Nicole Ruediger, Cologne

Nicole is one of the editors and publishers of the “Jungsheft” – a unique magazine for women that features pin-up shots of men some of them with erections and masturbating. The images show “the guy next door” rather than the cloned alpha males that we see in perfume adverts. The magazine also features articles on topics that are taboo in the women’s glossies such as “female ejaculation”. The underground magazine has become a cult publication in Germany. Nicole and he co-editor Elke have resisted all tempting offers to sell out to the mainstream and continue their ground-breaking work by now publishing the “Giddyheft”, an erotic magazine featuring natural women. Nicole says: “The most erotic thing to me are wet eyelashes!”

Petra Joy

Petra Joy, Brighton

Petra is a pioneering female film-maker shooting porn from a female perspective. Her focus is on female pleasure and she enjoys showing men as objects of desire. Petra only works with amateurs who are feeling it and not faking it. Petra’s innovative way to show sex and her unique artistic style have made here an internationally celebrated artist. Her films have won many international awards and Petra has been honoured with the Venus award for “pioneering achievements in adult films from women”. Petra published the book “Make your own adult video” with Harper Collins and runs workshops on porn for women all over Europe. She is curating erotic films by female film-makers for her compilations series “HER PORN” and created the PETRA JOY AWARD. Petra Says: “Two men kissing and pleasuring each other is erotic to me!”