About This Award

Did you know that only 6% of directors in Hollywood are female? This percentage is even smaller in the adult industry. Most porn films are still shot by men for men. But women are voyeurs too and more and more women want to enjoy erotic films that show a female perspective. But as traditionally women in the film industry work in front and not behind the camera, it is difficult for new female directors to get started. The big questions are: How can she finance her film, where can she show it, how can she publish it?

Petra Joy Awards 2009 Winners

This award is for first time female filmmakers who would like to create erotic films that dare to question porn clichés and show sex in innovative and creative ways.

Petra Joy is a pioneer of female-focused porn and has always promoted female sexual liberation and self-expression in her erotic films, books and workshops for women.

She created this award because:

“I would like to inspire first time female film-makers to take control, get behind the camera and share their female perspective of erotica and porn with us. My wish is that this award will help to make more female fantasies visible and more female erotic film-makers seen and heard!”

If it wasn’t for a women who believed and invested in Petra’s first film “Sexual Sushi”, Petra might not have continued her journey as an erotic film director shooting alternative porn from a female perspective. Now Petra would like to pass on the support she once received by another women and help other women to make their dreams come to. This is why Petra is donating the prize money for the best three films submitted to the Petra Joy Awards 2012 and also offers to publish these films on the upcoming erotic film compilation “Her Porn Vol.4”:

“I know how hard it is to get stated as a female filmmaker in a competitive and still hugely male industry. This is why I want to support aspiring female filmmakers with the incentives of getting their first film published and winning prize money that then can be invested into future projects. It is about women empowering other women to make hugely hidden female fantasies visible on inspirational films.”